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Sally Potter's THE ROADS NOT TAKEN follows a day in the life of Leo (Javier Bardem) and his daughter, Molly (Elle Fanning) as she grapples with the challenges of her father's chaotic mind. As they weave their way through New York City, Leo's journey takes on a hallucinatory quality as he floats through alternate lives he could have lived, leading Molly to wrestle with her own path as she considers her future. directed by: Sally Potter. UK.

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You ruined the poem. Cool, baby 🤘🏿. Why do people click on the video knowing they don't like it then complain about it? 🤔. Omg when he called her ultraviolet I just couldnt. This is too much for me to handle 😭😭😭. How does something this beautiful not have more likes? Well done! This is amazing. Okay so who's going to do the lords work and write adorable angsty fanfiction about the two of them. Free Full The Roads Not taken 2. Free full the roads not taken trailer. D ir: Sally Potter; Starring: Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Salma Hayek, Laura Linney. Cert tbc; 85 mins Sally Potter is a regular and welcome presence at the Berlin Film Festival, ever since unveiling her debut feature, The Gold Diggers, back in 1983. She returned with the experimental art mystery Rage (2009) – the first film to come out on mobile phones at the same time as cinemas – and with 2017’s brittle black comedy The Party, a film whose self-conscious drollery, all of a sudden, looks positively Wildean. The reason? The Roads Not Taken, Potter’s gruelling, fragmentary, and certainly fun-free new psychodrama, which feels so divorced from anything we’d like her to be doing it’s as if the body snatchers have landed. We spend the film crawling around in the headspace of a dying writer called Leo (Javier Bardem), who’s afflicted by symptoms of frontal lobe dementia, these taking the cinematic form of a dreamy peppering of sun-kissed holiday flashbacks. His relationship with his daughter Molly (Elle Fanning) – the only person in his life to stick by him through thick and thin – dictates what wisp of a narrative the present-day sections have: she begins the film rescuing her catatonic father (whom she affectedly calls “papa”) from bed in a grimy New York flat, and taking him downtown to the dentist. He can barely speak or respond to instructions, isn’t continent, and after tumbling out of a cab is whisked to hospital, where his ex-wife (Laura Linney, helpless) pays a brief, accusatory and badly written visit. The next stop is an ill-fated trip to Costco to buy Leo some new trousers, but his state of bewilderment is so extreme that he drifts out of Molly’s sight. Before we know it, he’s caught carrying off a stranger’s terrier in the belief that this must be his beloved pet Nestor, who is sadly long dead. Molly then ushers him to an uneventful appointment with an ophthalmologist, and that’s about it. Leo, in case this isn’t obvious, is falling apart, and Potter tries harnessing all of Bardem’s considerable technical expertise to make the character’s (barely specified) condition add up to something. Whether it’s her unsparing editing choices messing his performance up, or the airy vagueness of the script giving him no chance in the first place, he’s adrift and unintentionally ridiculous in shot after shot: this is hall-of-shame territory for a great actor palpably struggling to make any sense of a wretched role. M atters do not improve when we cut free-associatively to what may or may not be episodes from Leo’s past, often involving two pretty young female tourists he aims to impress on a Greek island. “What kind of endings do you prefer? ”, he asks these strangers, à propos of nothing, before revealing for the first time that he’s a writer, and that one of them is the spit of his darling daughter. He follows them unbidden up a hill with more queries in this vein. Meanwhile, a handful of scenes in Mexico, opposite a woebegone Salma Hayek as his first great love, come and go. The film is close to parody – not of anything Potter’s ever done, but of male artists and their obsessive end-of-life regrets. If you’d told me it was a shelved adaptation of late Philip Roth done by Alejandro González Iñárritu in Birdman (or Biutiful) mode, I’d have believed it in a shot. P otter has at least equipped herself with a gifted cinematographer in Robbie Ryan, and asks him to guide us in and out of the reveries with visual cues for Leo’s brain: a glittering Manhattan bridge at night, when he wanders off barefoot, reminds him, say, of further ogling opportunities on the back of some party yacht. The problem is that Iñárritu wouldn’t have got away with these precious right-swipes through sense memory, and Potter doesn’t either. In the circumstances, Fanning – terrific before in the director’s Ginger and Rosa – responds as sensitively as she can: next to Bardem, she comes out with something approaching honest credit. Otherwise, The Roads Not Taken is a desert of insights stretching right across the map, with “abort by U-turn” written all over it. The Roads Not Taken is screening as part of the Berlin Film Festival, and is released in the UK on May 1.

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4號遇到 揸的士的朋友 問他生意如何 真的答我得百零蚊生意 很悲情!!!. To me, the mere fact that he focuses on “the road not taken “ (its the title of the poem) shows regret and remorse. It seems as if the mood was look at the great path I am on because of it, then he wouldve titled it “the road taken”. I am new to poetry so found this very interesting and informative. It makes me excited to delve more into poetry. Little Women has actually been adapted to film seven times, not four.

Those iambic feet will wander back into my mind. Now that's John Green poetry. Free full the roads not taken lyrics. Charlize transforms in to every character she plays. Such an amazing talented actress. Free Full The Roads Not taken. I CAN'T STAND SUCH AN OVERDOSE OF BEAUTY. Oscar nod for Charlize for this one, you heard it here first 😉. It sounds like a French song. Produced and Directed by Hillary Clinton.


Free full the roads not taken analysis. Soooo. Have I slipped into a parallel universe or has Simon been remaking a lot of old vids. I love this! Your narration, photos and music. Free Full The Roads Not taken on 2010. I loved Edward Thomas! I had to study him here in London UK and all my teachers told me that he died due to a bomb that exploded near him and that it wasn't the impact of the bomb but actually the shockwaves of the bomb that stopped his heart? I always hoped it was true but maybe it's not. Great video anyway.




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