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director - Jeff Fowler / Genre - Action / country - USA / 1Hour 39Minutes / 97 vote / After discovering a small, blue, fast hedgehog, a small-town police officer must help it defeat an evil genius who wants to do experiments on it.

The doctor thinks you're basic

Sonic the hedgehog movie 2019 trailer. Sonic the hedgehog movie tails scene. Sonic the hedgehog on youtube. Sonic the hedgehog cast. Sonic the hedgehog new trailer. Sonic the hedgehog movie reaction. Next movie: Sonic remembers wat was happening. Sonic the hedgehog 2 movie.

Sonic the hedgehog release date

Sonic the hedgehog: the movie. 1:39 HE JUST TROLLED THE DEATH. Sonic the hedgehog old trailer. Sonic the hedgehog imdb. Sonic the hedgehog toys. Sonic the hedgehog song. Sonic the hedgehog online. Sonic the hedgehog bar scene. Sonic the hedgehog first trailer. THIS IS A *BEST VIDEO* 😆😆😆😁. Sonic the hedgehog movie trailer 2. Sonic the hedgehog tickets. See this is what happens when the film makers actually listen to their fans. Sonic the hedgehog cartoon. Whats the second song starting at 3:05.

I am also exited. I still think the sonic the hedgehog movie design sonic is the scariest thing on this planet 👀. Sonic the hedgehog movie trailer. Sonic the hedgehog redesign. Sonic the hedgehog trailer 1. Sonic the hedgehog movie 1999. Sonic the hedgehog. SONIC 2 WILL HAVE TAILS AN SHADOW AN KNUCKLES SONIC 3 AMY AND THE DEADLY SIX AN CHAOTIX. Face cam video 👆. 2019:GotTa gO FaSt 2020: A hole new beginning. Sonic the hedgehog movie redesign.


72 comment. The movie trailer has convinced me that this is the best sonic movie that we'll ever get. Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack. Sonic the hedgehog trailer deutsch. Sonic the hedgehog video game. Sonic the hedgehog theme. Sonic the hedgehog movie song. 0:44 Sonic: Did I get it? Tom: Nope Sonic: Aah Tom: Okay hold still Sonic: Its going its still here. get off nailed it. Sonic the hedgehog 2019. In addition to the character redesign, Im also happy they dropped Gangsters Paradise “ from the movie as well. Why? Because wtf does inner city depression have to do with a video game. Sonic the hedgehog movie release date.

Sonic the hedgehog music. Sonic the hedgehog trailer reaction. Sonic the hedgehog characters. Sonic the hedgehog 4. K引入配置 在模块的adle文件里面加入 compile '' 2. 代码接入 (1). 创建一个类继承SonicRuntime SonicRuntime类主要提供sonic运行时环境,包括Context、用户UA、ID(用户唯一标识,存放数据时唯一标识对应用户)等等信息。以下代码展示了SonicRuntime的几个方法。 public class HostSonicRuntime extends SonicRuntime { public HostSonicRuntime ( Context context) { super (context);} /** * 获取用户UA信息 * @return */ @Override public String getUserAgent () { return " ";} * 获取用户ID信息 public String getCurrentUserAccount () { * 创建sonic文件存放的路径 public File getSonicCacheDir () { String path = Environment. getExternalStorageDirectory(). getAbsolutePath() + File. separator + " sonic/ "; File file = new File (path. trim()); if (! file. exists()){ file. mkdir();} return file;}} (2). 创建一个类继承SonicSessionClient SonicSessionClient主要负责跟webView的通信,比如调用webView的loadUrl、loadDataWithBaseUrl等方法。 public class SonicSessionClientImpl extends SonicSessionClient { private WebView webView; public void bindWebView ( WebView webView) { this. webView = webView;} * 调用webView的loadUrl public void loadUrl ( String url, Bundle extraData) { webView. loadUrl(url);} * 调用webView的loadDataWithBaseUrl方法 public void loadDataWithBaseUrl ( String baseUrl, String data, String mimeType, String encoding, String historyUrl) { webView. loadDataWithBaseURL(baseUrl, data, mimeType, encoding, historyUrl);}} (3). 新建包含webView的Activity(或者Fragment等),在activity中完成sonic的接入。这里通过简单的demo展示如何接入 public class SonicTestActivity extends Activity { public final static String PARAM_URL = " param_url "; public final static String PARAM_MODE = " param_mode "; private SonicSession sonicSession; protected void onCreate ( Bundle savedInstanceState) { super. onCreate(savedInstanceState); Intent intent = getIntent(); String url = intent. getStringExtra( PARAM_URL); getWindow(). addFlags( WindowManager. LayoutParams. FLAG_HARDWARE_ACCELERATED); // init sonic engine if necessary, or maybe u can do this when application created if (! SonicEngine. isGetInstanceAllowed()) { SonicEngine. createInstance( new SonicRuntimeImpl (getApplication()), new SonicConfig. Builder (). build());} SonicSessionClientImpl sonicSessionClient = null; // if it's sonic mode, startup sonic session at first time SonicSessionConfig. Builder sessionConfigBuilder = new SonicSessionConfig. Builder (); // create sonic session and run sonic flow sonicSession = SonicEngine. getInstance(). createSession(url, sessionConfigBuilder. build()); if ( null! = sonicSession) { sonicSession. bindClient(sonicSessionClient = new SonicSessionClientImpl ());} else { // this only happen when a same sonic session is already running, // u can comment following code to feedback for default mode to throw new UnknownError ( " create session fail! ");} // start init flow... in the real world, the init flow may cost a long time as startup // runtime、init configs.... setContentView( R. layout. activity_browser); // init webview WebView webView = ( WebView) findViewById( R. id. webview); webView. setWebViewClient( new WebViewClient () { public void onPageFinished ( WebView view, String url) { super. onPageFinished(view, url); if (sonicSession! = null) { sonicSession. getSessionClient(). pageFinish(url);}} @TargetApi ( 21) public WebResourceResponse shouldInterceptRequest ( WebView view, WebResourceRequest request) { return shouldInterceptRequest(view, request. getUrl(). toString());} public WebResourceResponse shouldInterceptRequest ( WebView view, String url) { return ( WebResourceResponse) sonicSession. requestResource(url);} return null;}}); WebSettings webSettings = webView. getSettings(); // add java script interface // note:if api level if lower than 17(android 4. 2), addJavascriptInterface has security // issue, please use x5 or see // (, ) webSettings. setJavaScriptEnabled( true); webView. removeJavascriptInterface( " searchBoxJavaBridge_ "); intent. putExtra( SonicJavaScriptInterface. PARAM_LOAD_URL_TIME, System. currentTimeMillis()); webView. addJavascriptInterface( new SonicJavaScriptInterface (sonicSessionClient, intent), " sonic "); // init webview settings webSettings. setAllowContentAccess( true); webSettings. setDatabaseEnabled( true); webSettings. setDomStorageEnabled( true); webSettings. setAppCacheEnabled( true); webSettings. setSavePassword( false); webSettings. setSaveFormData( false); webSettings. setUseWideViewPort( true); webSettings. setLoadWithOverviewMode( true); // webview is ready now, just tell session client to bind if (sonicSessionClient! = null) { sonicSessionClient. bindWebView(webView); sonicSessionClient. clientReady();} else { // default mode webView. loadUrl(url);}} public void onBackPressed () { super. onBackPressed();} protected void onDestroy () { sonicSession. destroy(); sonicSession = null;} super. onDestroy();}} SonicTestActivity是一个含有webView的demo代码,里面展示了sonic的整体流程。主要分为6个步骤: Step1 :在activity onCreate的时候创建SonicRuntime并且初始化SonicEngine。为sonic初始化运行时需要的环境 Setp2 :通过tInstance(). createSession来为要加载的url创建一个SonicSession对象,同时为session绑定client。session创建之后sonic就会异步加载数据了。 sonicSession. bindClient(sonicSessionClient = new SonicSessionClientImpl ());} Step3 :设置javascript,这个主要是设置页面跟终端的js交互方式。 按照sonic的规范,webView打开页面之后页面会通过js来获取sonic提供的一些数据(比如页面需要刷新的数据)。Demo里使用的是标准的js交互代码,第三方可以替换为自己的js交互实现方式(比如提供jsbridge伪协议等)。 Step4 :为clinet绑定webview,在webView准备发起loadUrl的时候通过SonicSession的onClientReady方法通知sonicSession: webView ready可以开始loadUrl了。这时sonic内部就会根据本地的数据情况执行webView相应的逻辑(执行loadUrl或者loadData等)。 sonicSessionClient. clientReady();} Step5 :在webView资源拦截的回调中调用session. onClientRequestResource(url)。通过这个方法向sonic获取url对应的WebResourceResponse数据。这样内核就可以根据这个返回的response的内容进行渲染了。(如果sonic在webView ready的时候执行的是loadData的话,是不会走到资源拦截这里的) public WebResourceResponse shouldInterceptRequest( WebView view, String url) { return null;}.

Sonic the hedgehog 3. Ah yes, another pat Mac video. Sonic the hedgehog movie trailer 1. Sonic the hedgehog scene. Sonic the hedgehog movie green hill zone.


Sonic the hedgehog movie 2019. Can someone tell me how he didnt use the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic the hedgehog games. New secret character unlocked! Hamster🐹. Sonic the hedgehog movie sequel. Sonic the hedgehog trailer 2. 5. 6K Reads 412 Votes 9 Part Story Sonic ha aggiunto amy Sonic ha aggiunto blaze Sonic ha aggiunto Silver Sonic ha aggiunto Shadow Sonic ha aggiunto tails Sonic:ehila Amy:ciao Sonic:ehi.... Amy:come va Sonic:bene... Blaze:ehiii Blaze:metti anche rouge? Sonic ha aggiunto rouge Amy:❤ Sonic:che fate Amy:niente❤ Sonic:pk questi cuori? Amy:pk sono belli Sonic:sono per me? Amy:nooo tu non mi piaci piu!!! Sonic:ha già..... Rouge:sei triste sonic pk a amy non piaci piu? Eheheh Sonic:uffa rouge proprio ora dovevi arrivare Rouge:dai ammettilo che ti piace amyyy Sonic: noo.... Rouge:a amy piaci ancora... Amy:non è vero a me piace un altro rouge!! Blaze:ah.. Sonic:u-un altro ha - hai dett-to?.... Amy:si.. Sonic:lo conosco?.... Amy:molto.. Sonic:ah... Sonic:scusate.. Sonic ha abbandonato Amy:??? Rouge:tranquilla amy è solo geloso pk a te piace un altro Amy:oook Tails:è vero! Amy:tails? Tails:è pazzo di te.... Amy:.... Tails: io non ho detto niente! Tails ha abbandonato Amy:mmmm.... condo me è vero...

Sonic the hedgehog box office. Sonic the hedgehog wiki. Sonic the hedgehog movie trailer reaction.




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